'Celebrating Differences'

20th March 2015
You may have noticed that there was something very 'different' in school today!
The aim of wearing something different was to raise awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome, Autism, Alopecia and also the many varied and wonderful differences we all have.
Have a look at these pictures. Can you guess who they belong to?
The children talked about their differences in PSHE lessons and how they are all amazing, unique individuals.
April is also when we celebrate Autism awareness month. You can find out more details here
For more information about Down Syndrome Awareness Week click here
The whole day was a result of the children's ideas.
In one of their meetings with Miss Chambers and Mrs McDonald the School Council asked if they could come into school with something different to their usual uniform.
The teachers and children came to school dressed differently to normal with many wearing differently coloured socks, clothes and even wigs.
 Click here for more information about alopecia
Thank you for joining us to celebrate the many differences we all have and supporting these three very important causes.