At Overchurch Infant School we strive for excellence by using a range of approaches in the teaching of maths.  Each week the children will have the opportunity to explore open ended problem solving activities. This allows the children to develop fluency and reasoning skills both fundamental skills in the understanding of mathematics.

The Key Stage 1 Maths curriculum states for children to become fluent and develop problem solving and reasoning skills. Due to the change in expectation we have adapted our approach to planning, we now spend longer on one area of maths to allow us to go deeper in children’s learning to consolidate key skills.

In the summer term year 2 children will complete the end of Key Stage 1 assessments for maths.  This is split into two types of paper: a quick pace arithmetic paper and a reasoning paper which allows children to demonstrate their problem solving skills.

We incorporate practical and problem solving activities giving children the chance to explore a range of mathematical concepts.  During the week the children will have guided sessions and the teacher and teaching assistants will intervene in learning providing support to ensure all children are making progress.  Being an Infant School, role play is a huge aspect to the children’s development and we include mathematical opportunities such as having shops, cafés and travel agents with tills and coins.

Overchurch Infants has a range of equipment to support learning such as hundred squares which are given to parents during the initial welcome meeting, number lines, arrow cards and unifix cubes which all support children’s development of number and place value.