All children in KS1 are taught Phonics daily and learning of Phonics is applied through all subjects and through homework provided (spellings to be applied in sentences).  Children are ‘streamed’ across the year group into a phased Phonics group matched to their level of ability.  Each session follows a Revisit, Teach, Practise, Apply structure with a focus on blending sounds to read words and segmenting words to spell them.  Streamed groups are reviewed frequently and movement between groups is encouraged as soon as children are ready. Teachers assess children’s learning each day and more formally, each half term by completing a Phonics Tracker.

In June of Year One, all children (except any that have been disapplied) take the statutory Phonics Screening Check where they are expected to decode 20 real words and 20 nonsense words.  Parents and the LA receive notification of whether children have met the ‘expected level’ or not.  Any children who do not meet the expected level in Year One will re-take the screening in the June of Year 2 and lots of additional support is put in place in Year 2 to enable them to meet expectations.