Tweet Tweet!

25th September 2014
This week has seen every class in Overchurch Infant School have its very own Twitter account.

The classes are easy to find. Nursery can be found at @OverchurchN, Class One are @Overchurch1, Class Eight are @Overchurch8 etc

It will act as a 'window' to the wonderful learning experiences happening throughout school as well as keeping you up to date with any important messages. The children are very excited and all want photographs of their work shown on their class Twitter to impress their grown ups.

It also serves as an ideal opportunity to teach the children about the value of eSafety and what information should be kept private and safe, and which information is ok to share.

It will also help parents to know what the children are doing so you can avoid
conversations like this one:
"what did you do in school today?"
child: "nothing..."

The school office account now has over 200 followers and this will be used for more general whole school messages. You can follow here:

Some people may be new to Twitter, unsure how to receive the updates or would like to know how to receive the tweets as text messages.

If you need any help or more information, Mr Elliott will hold another Twitter drop-in inside the Community Room on Monday 29th September at 9am and 3:10pm and is a good chance to ask any questions or even bring your device and get everything sorted!