Children in KS1 write as often as possible, in as many fun ways as possible and for as many reasons as possible!!!

Writing in all curriculum areas is key to our planning.  We strive to provide role play areas in the classroom which inspire children to write for a real audience and purpose (e.g. a spaceman writing a blog from a rocket or a museum curator writing an information sheet for a toy museum...).

Each half term, the children complete an assessed piece of writing which we call ‘The Big Write’.  Children who are able to do so, complete a sustained piece of independent writing. Children begin a ‘Big Write’ folder in Foundation Stage which travels with them throughout school.  Each half termly piece of writing is filed in these folders and these show evidence of great progression in writing as the children move through school.

The Literacy lessons Monday-Thursday teach a variety of writing skills which lead to a Writing Wizard Challenge each Friday, where the children can apply the skills they have been practising.  The genres for the Challenges change regularly so children are learning skills for all sorts of different types of writing throughout the Key Stage.

Classes choose how they want their classroom to be during the Challenge – usually quiet, perhaps with soft music, a candle or a particular fragrance.  Each week, teachers choose two ‘Writing Wizards’ who have worked particularly hard and shown real improvement in Writing.  These children wear special capes to our Friday celebration assembly and are praised by Mr Elliott.  The work done in Writing Wizard Challenge is marked in detail by teachers who provide immediate ‘next steps’ for children’s learning.