Our Curriculum

We have a very exciting year ahead with many fun-filled activities and opportunities for your children to take part in. We hope your child is looking forward to their exciting learning journey.

There will be children in Foundation Stage who by the end the year are already accessing aspects of Year 1 curriculum.  Conversely, there will inevitably be children who will need to continue with aspects of the Foundation Stage curriculum into Year 1.  This is sometimes of particular significance for the summer-born Foundation Stage children but not always.  Therefore Year 1 is a transition year from the Early Years Foundation Stage learning goals towards the national curriculum.

The Foundation Stage children will be encouraged at the end of the Summer Term to take work and small items of equipment into their new class to take ownership of their new environment.  The year one team facilitate the transition during the Autumn term by ensuring continuity for children during this period of transition.

Our aim is to have a smooth transition to support the personal, social and emotional development, learning and future success of every child.  We maximise opportunities for continued learning by retaining many of the physical aspects and arrangements of Foundation Stage in Year 1.  This includes a small number of tables, the areas of provision and access to an outdoor learning environment.

Our topics this year include:
Autumn 1 - Mr Men
Autumn 2 - Circus Fun
Spring 1 - Traditional Tales
Spring 2 - Dinosaurs
Summer 1 - Seaside
Summer 2 - Exploring The World
More information about these can be found throughout the year in our Curriculum Newsletters.

We design our curriculum by planning themed topics that hook the children and is relevant to their own lives.  Planning across the curriculum in Year 1 will provide opportunities for children to undertake learning tasks that do not have a pre-determined ceiling.  Significant challenge is built into child-initiated and independent tasks.  During the transition period, we build in aspects of Numeracy and Literacy from the National Curriculum into Foundation Stage planning.

Throughout Year 1, your child will be developing their speaking and listening skills by creating new friendships and working in a team.  They will be exploring many new stories and producing some of their own.  Throughout year one children will be developing a comfortable and efficient tripod pencil grip, forming lower case letters correctly and beginning to join initial blends.

We gradually extend the periods of time for which focused adult-initiated learning is expected, this will help to ease the transition.  Some of the child-initiated and independently tackled aspects and arrangements of Foundation Stage will be retained in Year 1.  The valuable contribution that observations make in the EYFS, showing children’s interests, learning style and identifying their ‘next steps’ will be continued in Year 1.

They will also have the chance to enhance their ICT skills through the use of the computers, easy speak, fizz books, tuff cams, and our brand new i-pads!!!  Overall we have many interesting, fun topics in all curriculum areas for your child to discover new talents and enjoy.