Our Curriculum

As part of our quality teaching and learning cycle, we use assessment for learning strategies daily to inform the ‘next steps’ in learning for our children.  We skilfully choose questions and investigative activities that will provide us with an insight about what and how children are learning in each lesson.

Children ‘self-assess’ their work using our learning arrow, where they mark how confident they feel about their recorded work. They also ‘peer or self-assess’ against success criteria which acts as a checklist to support their understanding of a task.


The children work through the Year 2 National Curriculum with learning intentions used to break down larger Curriculum statements for individual lessons. These reflect the higher expectations of the new National Curriculum. We use aspects of the 'Power of Reading' programme which is designed to raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing for all pupils, through the use of high quality reading material as a stimulus for learning. Each of our topics link to at least one recommended book, meaning English and Topic learning are closely connected. Our Curriculum seeks to engage all pupils and nurture their talents through a wide variety of opportunities and activities.
We carry out regular assessment of children’s learning by comparing their work to nationally agreed standards. We do this by referring to the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework and Key Stage 1 Exemplification Materials. The children are measured against the expected standard and are judged to be working below, at or above this. A child can only be awarded the expected standard or be judged to working at Greater Depth within the expected standard if they demonstrate that all the criteria is embedded throughout their work across the curriculum.
In May of each academic year, children will take Statutory Assessment Tests or SATs. Children complete two tests in Reading (mostly Comprehension), one Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test and two Mathematics test (one arithmetic and one reasoning).  These results are used to inform the overall ‘teacher assessment’ of the child but these results alone cannot form this judgement – we take the ‘big picture’ of children’s learning over their time in our class and give an attainment level which is then reported to the LA and parents.

Our topics this year include:


Autumn 1 - Around The World

Autumn 2 - Heroes

Spring 1 – Wonderful Wirral

Spring 2 - Liverpool Legends

Summer 1 - Plants & Ants

Summer 2 - Space

More information about these can be found throughout the year in our Curriculum Newsletters.