Core Curriculum

“Development can only take place when children are actively involved, when they are occupied with a high, non-stop degree of concentration, when they are interested, when they give themselves completely, when they use all their (mental) abilities to invent and make new things and when this gives them a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure.”

Ferre Laevers

Curriculum Intent

As a truly inclusive school community, we are committed to providing a creative, fun and nurturing environment where our children develop a life-long love for learning and are inspired to become the best that they can be. All of our children will engage with a curriculum that is meaningful to them, enriched by real life experiences and underpinned by a love of high quality books.

How did we devise our curriculum?

We came together as a whole teaching team to review what was successful and discussed overarching themes which would enhance our practice moving forward. We chose three for the first year of our developing curriculum. The first is Into the Forest which embraces the unique woodland nature of our school and inspires children’s awe and wonder of nature. The second is Oceans which takes children on a journey from the surrounding rivers and seas of the Wirral Peninsula to the oceans of the wider world and allows them time to reflect on the global environmental issues facing all of us on Planet Earth. The final one is Heroes, where children can explore and become inspired by significant individuals in their own lives and locality, in Sport and throughout History. All of the personal and social skills they have gained during the year will culminate in a project where children become ‘local heroes’, showcasing their knowledge by planning to improve an area on their doorstep.

We evaluated the success of our Talk for Writing programme and decided to develop this further by bringing in more high quality texts as a vehicle for all learning. Our English Subject Leader matched these to the overarching themes and the key learning in English for each year group. Subject Leaders were then given time to map out the knowledge and skills that children will cover in each term in every subject, ensuring these were progressive across the school as well as interesting, relevant and fun! All enhancements and visits were carefully considered and planned to allow high quality and inclusive experiences for all. Key vocabulary was discussed and woven into all aspects of teaching and learning. We are proud of the curriculum we have created collaboratively and we look forward to celebrating our children’s successes this year whilst always striving to improve and develop further.

‘Children’s brains privilege stories because there is an emotional and intellectual connection with them. Without painting the bigger picture, pupils will find it harder to make connections between the elements they are learning. The curriculum is full of stories and it is our job to find them’ (Mary Myatt)

Curriculum Overviews

 Curriculum at Overchurch Infant School

Summer Term
 Summer in Nursery 2020-21
 Summer in Reception 2020-21
 Summer in Year One 2020-21
 Summer in Year Two 2020-21

Autumn Term
 Autumn in Nursery 2020-21
 Autumn in Reception 2020-21
 Autumn in Year One 2020-21
 Autumn in Year Two 2020-21