Writing OverchurchDeveloping children’s writing skills is paramount here at Overchurch as it impacts on all areas of learning.

There are five basic skills which are imperative for the development of children’s writing. These are:

  • Visual motor skills – this is the ability to copy shapes, letters and numbers.
  • Visual perception – the ability to discriminate between letters and objects.
  • Trunk control – a strong trunk is needed for delicate fine motor tasks.
  • Shoulder stability when writing – children need slow, well controlled shoulder movements.
  • Fine motor skills – the use of small muscles.

We ensure all children are given the opportunity to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills in a range of ways within the learning environment. This is made explicit to the children and helps them to understand the purpose of their activities.

Curly Caterpillar Letters

Ladder Letters

One Armed Robot Letters

Zig Zag Monster Letters