“The only way to learn maths is to do maths.”

Paul Halmos


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Our Maths Intent

As Mathematicians at Overchurch Infant School children will develop the fluency, knowledge and understanding to use mathematics as a tool for everyday life. Practical experiences and a growth mindset will ensure a solid understanding is gained which will foster a life-long love of maths. As a school we believe that all students can succeed in Mathematics.

Using the expected outcomes from the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework it is our intent to enable all children to develop:
• Fluency and a secure knowledge of number facts, including a secure understanding of the four operations and how they inter-relate.
• An ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately.
• The confidence and proficiency to communicate mathematical understanding.
• An ability to make the connections that are needed to enjoy a greater depth in learning.
• A confidence to ‘have a go’ at challenges without the fear of mistakes- not “I can’t do it”, but “I can’t do it YET!”.

We aim for all children to leave our school as resilient, independent learners with inquisitive minds, who have secure mathematical foundations and a desire to keep improving.

Curriculum Resources

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