“Writing floats on a sea of talk.”

James Britton

Curriculum Intent

All children will leave Overchurch Infant School with competence in the two dimensions of writing: composition and transcription. Children form, articulate and communicate their ideas and organise them coherently for a reader whilst developing an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Children develop a fluent, legible handwriting style and are able to spell quickly and accurately through learning the relationship between sounds and letters. Our teaching sequences enable children to take their words from their mouth, down their arm and on to their page.

Curriculum Resources

Writing at Overchurch Infant School
 Progression in English Curriculum 2021-22
Letter Formation Support

Talk For Writing

Talk for Writing is an approach we have adopted to ignite a love of literature from an early age and to ensure that the children at Overchurch Infant School make the best progress they can in writing.

The children develop their love of storytelling and writing by becoming familiar with key texts. By using puppets, actions and verbal retelling Talk for Writing embeds storytelling structures and rich and varied storytelling language into the children’s memory and makes story writing easier.

Exposure to high-quality stories and the consistent nature of the method gives each child a structure to work within when penning their own stories. The solid foundations of the structural elements of storytelling that Talk for Writing develop allow the children to become more confident in incorporating their own ideas, exciting vocabulary and extending their narrative writing.

Here are the books from our Talk for Writing reading spine across school:

Nursery and Reception

Year One and Year Two

Here are our actions used to enhance story telling language: