Year Two

The purpose of Year Two at Overchurch Infant school is to equip our children with the academic and personal skills necessary to flourish in Year Two and beyond. We tailor our curriculum to the interests of the children and aim to support them to develop inquisitive minds and a lifelong love of learning. The children work through the Year 2 National Curriculum with learning intentions used to break down larger curriculum statements for individual lessons.

Overchurch Year Two

There are three classes in Year 2:

  • Class 7 – Mrs Bradley
  • Class 8 – Mr Newman -Inclusion Leader (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) and Mrs Parker (Thursday)
  • Class 9 – Mrs McAdam

Year Two Curriculum

We use ‘Talk 4 Writing’ alongside ‘Read To Write’ units, which are designed to raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing for all pupils through the use of a high-quality reading material as a stimulus for learning. Each of our topics links to at least one recommended book, meaning English and Topic learning are closely connected. We actively seek to engage all pupils and nurture their talents through a wide variety of opportunities and activities.

As part of our ‘quality teaching and learning cycle’, we use ‘assessment for learning’ strategies daily to inform the ‘next steps’ for our children. We carefully choose questions and investigative activities that will provide us with an insight into what and how children are learning in each lesson.

Children ‘self-assess’ their work using a smiley face system where they mark how confident they feel about their recorded work. They also ‘peer or self-assess’ against success criteria which acts as a checklist to support their understanding of a task.

Overchurch Year Two WritingBy the end of Year Two, our aim is that all pupils will:

  • Read fluently, using inference and deduction to demonstrate an understanding
  • Independently write in a variety of ways
  • Ask and answer questions using a wide and technical vocabulary
  • Be able to use and understand the four operations in mathematics, using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations
  • Develop resilience and persist with tasks that they find challenging
  • Show independence in social settings, building positive relationships with friends

Home Learning

This is linked to the creative curriculum and the children’s interests and sent home in the form of a ‘Learning Log’. Children are encouraged to choose 1 or more activities to complete with support, where necessary. As a school, we value parental support and place utmost importance on parents being able to be a part of their child’s learning development.

Year Two children will also continue to be part of the Overchurch Reading Stars scheme. We expect every child to read for 5/10 minutes each day alongside an adult and for a comment/signature to be recorded daily in their yellow reading records. Year Two children may sometimes bring spellings home to support their learning in school.

Overchurch Forest AreaEnd of Year Expectations

All of our learning builds up to the end of year assessments. In May of each academic year, children will take Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). Children complete two tests in Reading (mostly Comprehension), one Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test and two Mathematics test (one Arithmetic and one Reasoning). We use a mixture of the (currently compulsory) test papers provided by the Department of Education and the ongoing teacher assessment, using the ‘Age-Related Expectations’ to make our judgements. We work collaboratively with other schools to ensure that our judgements are fair and accurate.