Red Heart Campaign

As a school, we are taking part in a fantastic initiative to help eradicate hatred, xenophobia and discrimination in our community. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all pledged to simply treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves?! We thought you would agree! That’s because you’ve got a RED Heart!

I WILL always treat others how I wish to be treated!
This means we will try and see something from another’s perspective and react with kindness.

I WILL always be supportive of differences I do not understand
This means even if we don’t know why someone is different to us, looks different, behaves differently or has different lifestyle choices we will respect this and still react with kindness.

I WILL always appreciate and celebrate diversity and our cultural differences
This means appreciating our differences and celebrating together when we can enjoy the benefits of diversity and when possible participate in celebrations.

I WILL always look for ways to support my fellow citizens and help whenever I can
This means to be kind to everyone possible and help people who may need support no matter where they are from or how different they are.

I WILL NOT look the other way if I witness hatred or discrimination
This means reporting incidents of hate, discrimination, xenophobia and making sure someone is okay if you witness a hate crime, please do not put yourself in danger and wade into a situation, report it and let our services help out, the pledge means don’t ignore it or turn away.