We are extremely proud of our effective, close working relationships with parents and a range of professionals to ensure our children receive the individual support they need.

“Absolutely excellent. Always available if any concerns and love how she is treated like an individual whilst not losing being a part of a class group.”
Year 1 Parent

“We are delighted with the way school has supported our son before, during and after his life changing operation. They have ensured his needs are fully met and always included with his peers. Several members of staff visited him at home and he felt part of the Overchurch community even whilst not at school. He continues to thrive under their guidance.”
Year 2 Parent

“Over the moon with how well the school have helped her and myself. The support we have had with them has been amazing so thank you.”
Year 1 Parent

“Couldn’t ask for anything more. My child is safe and become more confident and independent.”
Year 1 Parent

“Very, very happy with the school and all of the teachers and staff. Not a bad word to say about anything.”
Foundation Parent

“When observing at Overchurch Infant School, a clear strength was the positive and meaningful relationships that staff have with all children. The inclusive ethos of the SENDCo is admirable and this is reflected in clear plans to ensure all children access appropriate education. Support for pupils with SEND is delivered by teachers who were viewed to value the efforts and contribution of all children. Some opportunities for development have been identified, and positively, on my last visit to school, some of these have already been addressed and are making a positive difference for pupils in school.”
Educational Psychologist: Dr Rachael Kenny  

—– —– —–

“As School Nurse Assistant, my role is focused around the ADHD pathway and requires me to link in with the Inclusion Leader, Mr Newman on a regular basis. Because of this, there is great communication between the School Nursing team and the school.
Overchurch Infants have recently been awarded the ADHD Friendly School award and this reflects their hard work and effort when it comes to children who are going through the ADHD pathway towards a diagnosis and those who already have an ADHD diagnosis. There is an Inclusive feeling within the school and from my experience, children with ADHD are very well supported.”
School Nurse Assistant: Leanne Cash

—– —– —–

“I have been the covering physio therapist for Overchurch Infant School since 2015 and have had several children transition through the school.  I have an excellent working relationship with Mr Newman the inclusion leader – and also am always made to feel extremely welcome by the head teacher, reception and admin staff and any other staff I come into contact with.  I have worked with various 1:1 TAs over the years who have taken on board my advice and the physio plans I have provided and have always followed them well and through understanding their child so well they have been able to progress the child and adapt plans accordingly.  Those children who do not have a dedicated 1:1 TA – class staff are always happy to take time and feedback on progress the child is making and take on any of my advice.”
Paediatric Physiotherapist: Elaine Humphreys

—– —– —–

“Since starting my role as the therapist at Overchurch Infant School I have been made to feel so welcome by staff and children alike. All members of staff have made me feel as though I am a part of the team. I have found that teaching staff will always make time for me to discuss a child’s progress with them. Through these discussions I have found that staff have a good understanding of each child’s individual needs and are proactive in making sure that these needs are met.
I have always found that the school has a very friendly environment and that staff take time to get to know each child as an individual, for example members of staff greet each child as they arrive at school in the morning and always smile and speak to children/ other adults when walking down the corridors. I have also observed lovely interactions between children and staff. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator Mr Newman strives to make sure that each child has the support that they need to achieve their potential, this promotes a sense of well-being throughout the school. I have observed that staff keep an open line of communication with parents, for example through the use of Tapestry – this promotes good relationships between staff and parents and ensures that everyone is working towards shared goals.” 
Speech and Language Therapist: Beth Owens

—– —– —–

“’Overchurch Infants is a nurturing and inclusive school where all children are welcomed and supported to flourish. Staff go above and beyond to ensure that each child feels a strong sense of belonging and self-worth.”   
Child and Educational Psychologist: Dr Beth Sheldrake

—– —– —–

“Pleasingly Wirral’s SEND Local Offer benefits from a supportive and effective working alliance with Overchurch Infant school. Driven by the Headteacher Mr Elliott and passionately delivered by their SENCO Mr Newman, the SEND agenda is well thought through and has consistently improved outcomes for the children in their care.
Overchurch Infants invite the Local Offer into school on a regular basis to offer guidance and signpost Parents to local support for their children. The Local Offer attends Parents Evenings and a range of Parent attended events in the busy school calendar. Their SENCO attends termly SEND Information Exchanges to ensure he is up to date with all matters relating to SEND provision and is held in high regard by his peers and the Local Authority. Mr Newman helped the Local Offer Lead to set up social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter in direct response to feedback from the young people and their Parent/Carers. This has enabled Wirral Parents to be kept up to date with events and information in a timely manner and to give their feedback.
The Local Offer team have met with pupils to hear from them directly. They have been given a voice. Many Overchurch Infants pupils contributed to the recent Short breaks review and were thrilled to be asked to contribute.
Engagement with Parents and pupils alike, have left no doubt that they feel listened to and well supported. Confidence in the school’s ability to meet the needs of their children among Parent/Carers is high. They are full of appreciation and the phrase’ above and beyond’ is commonplace. Refreshingly this school has a ‘can do’ mentality and endeavours to find a workable solution whenever obstacles arise.

Their nurturing and inclusive style of primary education, coupled with a healthy appetite to enable each and every pupil to realise their potential irrespective of their needs, has served them well. The Local Offer were delighted to see Overchurch Infants being recognised as the first primary school in the country to be accredited with the ADHD Foundation’s Friendly School Award. A fantastic achievement and so very well deserved!”
Wirral Local Offer: Sally  Tittle