Welcome To Overchurch

Our aim at Overchurch Infants is to enable all children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life. We seek to fulfil this through the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities, planned through a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum, in a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Our School

Committed and professional team

We are immensely proud of our school and we have a committed and professional team of staff who strive
to maintain the excellent standards at the school. Your child only has one chance of a quality Early Years
education and the staff and I intend to give your child the best possible start to their school career while they
are at Overchurch.

Steve Elliott, Headteacher

Children on logs
We’ve got a lot to say

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What our parents say

It’s such an inclusive, caring school where children are treated as individuals and are well cared for and supported (and loved) by the staff.

Reception Parent

I am absolutely delighted with the progress my child has made at Overchurch Infant School this year. She has grown hugely in confidence and her report only highlights how well the teachers and school know her as an individual. What more could a parent ask for?

Year One Parent

Overchurch Infants is such a lovely school. You are very focussed on the children and their learning needs. My child has been encouraged to be the best person he can be. I feel proud to be an ‘Overchurch Parent’.

Year Two Parent

One of the most striking aspects of your school that I noted during the inspection was the high level of care, thought and consideration given to individual children across the school. As an Infant school, this is nurturing, settling and growing the confidence and feelings of children from Nursery to Year 2.