At Overchurch Infant School we are committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.

We are committed to challenging negative attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.

Please find below our Accessibility Plan and Policy:

 Accessibility Plan


Please find below Wirral’s Admission Policy:

 Primary Information for Parents Booklet 2021-22
 Primary Admission Policy. 2021-22
Co-ordinated Scheme for Primary Admissions 2022-2023
Draft Coordinated scheme for primary admissions 2023-2024
 Wirral Scheme For The Co-ordination Of Admission Arrangements

Admission details specific to Overchurch Infant School are detailed on page 78 under ‘Wirral Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary School Admission Policy’.

You can apply for a FS2 place online here.

Application forms for FS1 (Nursery) will be available from Monday 5th November. For more information please contact the office.

Nursery Admissions Policy


The Governors at Overchurch Infant School have agreed a clear set of principles upon which they have based their Anti-bullying Policy. This policy is linked to our whole school behaviours policy and together they support the staff in upholding these principles.

Bullying is a complex issue and each case is looked at on an individual basis. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach but the following information is intended as a guide to clarify the actions taken if an incident of bullying is reported.

 Anti-bullying Policy

Behaviour and Discipline

At Overchurch Infant School we are proud of the way our children behave. They care for other and know that they are expected to make the right choices in order that school is a calm and happy place to be.

The purpose of the policy attached below is to outline the strategies we use for managing behaviour and discipline. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all teaching and support staff. It is important that all staff, children and parents work together in order to support the Positive Ethos of our school. Exceptions to the use of this policy will apply for any instances of bullying or dangerous behaviour when parents will be immediately informed.

 Behaviour Policy Statement
 Behaviour and Discipline Policy
 Positive Handling Policy
 Exclusion Policy

Charging and Remissions

Charging policy including Nursery 2021-2022


Most complaints are settled quickly and informally at school level. Any concerns should be addressed in the first instance to the class teacher or, if appropriate, the SENCO. If you are not satisfied with this outcome then a meeting with the Headteacher or another member of the Senior Leadership Team might be needed to help with your concerns. If your concern is regarding the Headteacher, you may wish to contact the Chair of Governors: (chair@overchurch-infant.wirral.sch.uk).

The complaints procedure exists for those parents who wish to pursue a complaint through more formal channels. A copy of the complaints procedure is available from the school directly or from the Education department, public libraries and public information offices.

If your complaint is in relation to the provision of Special Education Needs, please see Section 25 of our SEND Policy.

 Complaints Procedures Policy

Acceptable Use & Online Safety

 Acceptable Use Policy & Agreement 2020
 Online Safety Policy 2020

Healthy Eating & Drinking

We are extremely proud of our catering team and the delicious and nutritious foo we offer daily to our children. We are committed to ensuring that children are enjoying high-quality meat, poultry and fish, fruit and vegetables, bread, other cereals and potatoes as part of establishing a healthy active lifestyle.

 Whole School Food and Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy 2021

 13 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas