British Values

We aim to ensure that we deliver a relevant and age-appropriate curriculum in order for our young children to begin to understand what it means to uphold British values. We do this by working within the broad objectives listed below, whilst focusing on making these values clear within our everyday life in school as described above.


  1. To ensure that all develop an understanding of the values which underpin life in Britain.
  2. To teach pupils to have a mutual respect and tolerance for, and an understanding of the various faiths and beliefs represented in Britain today.
  3. To ensure that all pupils learn to uphold the rule of law and support freedom, justice and equality.
  4. To help all pupils to understand and value the rich diversity that other citizens from different cultures, religions and backgrounds bring to our national society.
  5. To value people’s differences and respect them.
  6. To develop pupils’ awareness and tolerance of communities different to their own.
  7. To value democracy and to stand up for right against wrong.
  8. To care for the sick, the poor, the weak and the old and treat them as valued members of our society.
  9. To ensure that learners become loyal and patriotic citizens of the United Kingdom.

For more information about how we promote British Values at Overchurch Infant School, please see our policy:

 Promoting British Values Policy