Financial Benchmarking

Governors and school managers compare school performance to judge how well they are using resources to meet the school’s educational aims. The analysis of performance data, backed by appropriate improvement actions, is crucial to successful best value management.


At Overchurch Infant School, our governors:

*Consider what the school is achieving, compared with what should be achieved and how this compares with similar schools.

*Review whether the school is a relatively high/low performer and why this should be.

*Compare whether all subjects and classes are performing consistently well and investigate any discrepancies.

*Use benchmarking data to compare costs. Any significant differences will be investigated and reported to Governors meetings.

*Link the results of all comparisons to the School Development Plan when forming an action plan to bring performance up to the level of the best.


The number of Employees who earn over £100,000 gross per year is 0.

Please find the link to the DfE schools financial benchmarking service here.