Our Ethos

At Overchurch Infant School…

“We passionately believe in inclusion.”

All children in our care are embraced for their individual needs and personalities. Every child is valued and accepted so that we can celebrate their strengths, needs and progress. All staff at Overchurch Infant School are highly trained and current in areas of SEN and inclusion, therefore, tune into children’s needs and provide tailored support for children with both SEN and varied learning needs.

“We believe learning should be fun!”

Our curriculum is personalised to give children the knowledge and skills they will need in an ever-changing world. Teachers know their children and develop and adapt the curriculum following their interests to ensure maximum engagement and learning. All of this is made possible in our calm and purposeful environments that have been carefully designed to promote independence and learning in fun and creative ways.

“We help children to develop key traits for life.”

At Overchurch we believe the curriculum should develop the whole child for their future successes. We know how important it is to teach children how to interact and build friendships, to show respect, to have courage in an environment that promotes and celebrates equality. Children take pride in their work and strive for excellence, whatever that might look like for each and every child. Our environment shows and celebrates the wide range of abilities within our setting and children not only have pride in their own work, but they are also proud of their peers’ achievements too!

“We know that communication is key.”

Teamwork is at the core of what we do to create a communication friendly school. We understand the vital role parents and families hold in their child’s education and pride ourselves on building strong and lasting relationships. We aim to communicate clearly and ensure information is received in a timely manner. Any issues or concerns are taken seriously and addressed sensitively in good time.

“We operate an open door policy at all times.”

The team at Overchurch are approachable and keen to listen to concerns and feedback. All members of staff give time for each and every child just as we do for their parents. We know how important it is to share information and work together to provide the best foundations for young children in our care. A listening ear is always available in our safe and welcoming school.

“We believe in giving children a voice.”

Our children play a huge role in the decisions that affect our school. We have an active school council who meet regularly and contribute to decisions that help to improve our schools such as planning the play equipment and our anti-bullying charter. Our eco council share more global issues with the children and help us to do our part in being more environmentally conscious by reinforcing things like minimum waste lunches and light switch awareness. The children’s contributions are always valued and they know that they matter.

“We are a family.”

We are proud that one of the first things visitors notice and comment on in our school is our welcoming and nurturing environment. Our dedicated team takes the time to get to know every child and find out what motivates them, their interests, worries and strengths. No child is invisible at Overchurch because staff treat the children as they would their own by showing genuine care.

We go the extra mile.