ADHD Friendly School

ADHD Foundation

We have worked in partnership with the ADHD Foundation and are proud to have been accredited as the first Infant School nationally with the ADHD Friendly School Award.

To be successful we have made these
6 ADHD Friendly School Pledges:

  1. We pledge to work with the ADHD Foundation to provide an ADHD training session for our teachers and/ or parents (twilight sessions available in the North West of England only.)
  2. We pledge to provide regular opportunities for all learners with ADHD to have access to physical activity and exercise during the school day.
  3. We pledge to provide opportunities for all learners with ADHD to learn self-calming strategies, for example, belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or mindfulness.
  4. We pledge to provide tactile resources in every classroom.
  5. We pledge to produce a display for the whole school and hold one assembly to celebrate the achievements of people living with ADHD.
  6. We pledge to set up a Parent/Carer’s ADHD Support Group.

You can find further information on the ADHD Foundation website here.

 Press Release for ADHD Friendly School

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