Parents’ Information

At Overchurch Infant School we’re here to help to provide you with all of the information you may require for your child:

Term Dates

Here you can find all of the term dates available for download:

 Term Dates Academic Year 2020-21

Lunch Menu

Please find below our current menu which operates on a three week rota. Week 2 has Overchurch Crispy Chicken!

 Spring Term 2022 Menu

 13 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Parents’ Handbook

Here is the Overchurch Infant School parents’ handbook:

 Welcome to Nursery booklet

 Welcome to Reception booklet 2020-2021


At times during the school year, children get ill. If your child is well enough to come into school but has been prescribed medicine then it may be necessary for them to receive medicine during the school day.

If your child’s medicine is to be taken three times a day then we ask that it is given:

  • Before school.
  • Straight after school.
  • Bedtime.

If however the medicine needs to be taken four times (or more) a day then we can administer it in school. If this is the case, please visit the office and sign a permission slip.

Please see our Guidance for Parents below for further details:

 Short Version Administering of Medicines Policy

 Supporting Pupils With Medical Needs In School

If you require a copy of our full policy, please ask at the School Office.