Safety Inside School

Start Of The Day

Children are to be dropped off from the large Year One playground at the rear of school. Upon arrival, you will notice a one way system in operation with markers spaced 2m apart. We ask that when you are waiting for your child to have their temperature taken and enter the building you remain on the markers socially distanced from other parents.


We ask that children wear a fresh set of their own clothes (not uniform) each day and it is essential that they bring their own labelled water bottle. There will be no working water fountain available in school. We must insist at this time that no other items are brought into school. Items such as reading books will not be sent home. Children will be given a login to access online reading books instead.
The daily timetable for children will look very different to a typical school day as safety remains our utmost priority. Children will be allocated to a ‘bubble’ that will be led by two members of staff. This may or may not be a teacher or teaching assistant that your child was taught by before lockdown. Siblings will be allocated to the same ‘family bubble’ so that the risk of potential infection to families is lower. Each bubble will have a classroom base (again, it may not be your child’s usual room) and they will remain here for the day, including their allocated lunchtime.

Regular, Rigorous Cleaning

We would like to reassure parents and carers that there will be thorough cleaning of all classrooms and equipment before children’s arrival and at timetabled points throughout the day. Each zone will be cleaned after a bubble has visited it, prior to the next group’s scheduled visit. Classrooms will be deep cleaned at the end of each day. Hand washing will be timetabled regularly throughout the day and children will be consistently reminded of its importance in controlling the spread of germs. Equipment such as bikes, construction equipment, etc will be rotated to allow for deep cleaning. Each bubble will have their own stationery box, which is not shared with other bubbles and is disinfected each night.

Lunch & Snack Times

Lunch will be provided as part of the Universal Free School Meals for Infant Children scheme. This will be a cold packed lunch as no hot dinners will be available. Your child can bring a packed lunch if they prefer which should be sent in a disposable bag that can be thrown away afterwards. Milk can be ordered via the Cool Milk website if you wish your child to have it. If you are entitled to free school meals based on your income, milk will automatically be provided for your child.

During The Day

The children will have scheduled time in the playground, forest area and outdoor learning zones and we will be prioritising outdoor time as much as possible. Bubbles of children will not mix during the day, which may mean they will not interact with some friends who may also be in school. Children within bubbles will be encouraged to maintain social distancing as much as is possible for young children.
We will ensure that children have the opportunity to practise reading, writing and maths during the week alongside participating in sessions about health and hygiene and simple stories which facilitate discussions which may help children’s mental health. School staff are very sensitive to the fact that children may be anxious upon their return to school, especially when school life will be very different. We will be implementing a new behaviour policy to support the children in adapting to the ‘new normal’ at school.

End Of The Day

At the end of the day, children can be collected from 2.45 until 3.15pm (promptly) from the external door of your child’s bubble’s door. Please be considerate to Junior School parents who may be sharing the path; although staggered arrival and departure times should reduce this contact.