Last Friday was our first Call In Friday of the year as parents and grandparents called in to school to see the children in their classrooms this time with a focus on our love of reading.
It was great to see so many grown ups come into the classrooms and engage with the children playing phonics games and enjoy some of their favourite stories.
This new format replaces our Open Afternoons and will continue throughout the year enabling you to see what the children are working on in their classroom with a different focus each month. It was also extremely pleasing to read about the progress you feel the children have made in their first term in Reception:
  • “I was so impressed when she started reading some of the words in her home reader.”
  • “She loves coming into school and her confidence has soared.”
  • “Her vocabulary is expanding every day.”
  • “He has come on so much with reading and writing, it’s amazing!”
  • “He can recognise words and even spell certain ones!”
  • “Her reading and spelling is amazing in just a few months”
  • “He can blend letter sounds well to make words and can do simple number work.”
  • “His reading has developed very quickly we are so proud with his love of books”
  • “We are happy with his development and have noticed this ourselves, we hope he continues along this path and continues to thrive in class”
  • “He loves to read. He comes home every night with new sounds and wants to show them off to us”
  • “I am really pleased with his progress his confidence and ability to read and write is amazing. He loves coming to school and we are always seeing progression in how he shows us what he has learnt day to day. Thank you we are so pleased with his progress in such a short space of time”
Our next Call In Friday is Friday 7th February and will have a Maths focus.

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